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{**HD**} #35 Lohri HD Images For Facebook - Download Lohri Pics and Wallpapers

Lohri HD Images For Facebook : Happy Lohri Images | Lohri 2017 Images | Happy Lohri 2017 Wallpaper | Here I am sharing with you Best wallpaper, images, Pics, Photo, Pictures on this Lohri festival |

Happy Lohri is going to be celebrated on 13 January, 2016. It is a seasonal festival celebrated on the same day every year. It is very famous in Punjab and nearby areas and also in South Asia. Here you will get best Lohri Images for your status and for wishing your friends are relatives through social media. On Lohri people celebrate the day by sharing sweets with relatives and friends. And in Punjab, on this day mostly schools are closed. This is celebrated as a state holiday.

There are many assumptions of celebrating the Lohri festival in Punjabis. Some of them are mentioned below:
It is believed that the name Lohri was originated from the word “Loi” (the wife of the Saint Kabir).
However, some believed that it was originated from the word “Loh” (a device used to make chapattis). get the best Lohri Hd Images for facebook on this post.
Another belief of celebrating the festival of Lohri is, it was originated as Lohri behind the name of sister of Holika. People believed that the sister of Holika was survived however Holika herself died in the fire.

For farmers, this is like a happiest moment of year, because their crops are now grown enough and they will cut soon and sell them in the market. This festival is like Diwali for those farmers as they get the result of the 5 month hard work in the winter season. you can download lohri pics in this post.
Lohri is a typical festival of the Punjab, but it has crossed provincial barriers and gained popularity in Haryana, Himachal and Delhi. Lohri is a winter festival and comes off on the 13th of January every year. It is rooted in Punjabi culture and reminds us of the days of impartitioned Punjab. It is a seasonal festival bidding us to enjoy the bounties of winter. It is festive occasion to celebrate the birth of a son or a new wedding.

Special Bhangra of the Punjabi’s is famous whole over the world. And you will definitely see it in Punjab on this day. The special festival have many origins. I will not talk here about those. On the scientific aspect, Lohri lie in the mid of January, and around these days, sun is on the farthest point from earth.

Much is not known about the origin of Lohri. Even then, it is celebrated in the Punjab with great zeal and enthusiasm. Maghi is a sequel of Lohri. It comes the very next day. In Haryana, Maghi is celebrated with greater zeal than Lohri. It is Shakranti or the first day of the Bikrami month of Magh. The rice gruel cooked on the Lohri evening is distributed and eaten on the Maghi morning. It marks the end of fun and gaiety and people set to their work in right earnest with renewed vigor and vitality. A Punjabi is not a Punjabi, if he does not celebrate Lohri. The Punjabis living abroad also celebrate Lohri with equal zeal and fervor.

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