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(**TOP**) Eid 2017 Gift Ideas - Eid Gifts For Parents, Family

 Eid 2017 Gifts Ideas : Are you Searching for latest EID Gifts For parents? Here you will get the BEST Eid 2017 Gift Ideas for this Eid. We know that we cannot attend Eid without Eid Gifts. So it is believed that Eid Gifts are important component for this day. We all want to present one of the best Eid 2017 Gift to the host of the party and that’s why we have found some interesting Eid 2017 Gift ideas for you. You can Also buy these Eid Gifts from the Link Provided below each Idea.

Eid Gifts For Family: Generally on Eid, Muslims goes to friends and relatives home to wish him/her Eid Mubarak Wishes and adults give Eid Greeting cards and Eid Gift cards to their families, relatives or others with full of joy and happiness. And Adults give money as Eid Gift to their children or nephew on Eid. On the day of Eid people hug each other and wish each other after final prayers of Eid-Ul-Fitr. So here we are providing some Eid 2017 Gift Ideas along with Eid Wallpapers , from our website you can choose BEST Ideas For Eid Gifts.

Eid Gifts For Parents: At the end of Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims around the world, friends and family break their dawn-to-dusk fasting with the three-day celebration of Eid al-Fitr. Here, we share our favorite Eid Gift Ideas from Eid gifts to glittery garlands to make your holiday all the more special by giving these Eid Gifts to Parents and your family. You can buy mentioned Eid Gift Ideas Directly by clicking on the images.

Eid 2017 Gift Ideas


Religious Books & CDs

As the Eid-ul-Fitr comes on the heels of Ramadan, the great religious Muslim occassion, religious books and music CDs can be great gifts for the festival. Purchase your presents according to the interest of your recipients and the artist he/she likes to hear. It will be nice to make some clever research beforehand by a seemingly harmless chat with the person concerned. It is a good idea to gift a Quran to your loved ones, as it makes for a present to be cherished and has great educational and spiritual significance.
Eid 2017 Gift Ideas

Eid 2017 Gift Ideas


Art Canvas

An art canvas with artistically engraved Quranic text is indeed a unique gift that can be offered to your dear ones. The translation of the text in English usually comes below it. The canvas would be mounted on a wooden frame that can be easily hung on a wall in order to be used as a home décor item.
Eid Gifts For Parents

Eid Gifts For Parents


 Bake something

If you're good in the kitchen, bake a really fancy cake, or make a sweet everyone enjoys. Make it the feature dessert of the family Eid day meal.
Eid Gifts For Parents

Gadgets - Eid Gift Ideas

Eid Gifts For Parents, Family

Hand a Kindle, latest Bluetooth headphones, or a gaming console to the kids and watch as their face is lit up with immense joy.

Eid Gifts For Parents, Family


 Perfumes - Eid Gift Idea 

If you are confused about the interests of a person, you can go the safe way and opt for a perfume. Oud is one of the best Eid gift options.

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Eid Gifts For Family

Eid Sweets -Gift Ideas

Another gift which can be delicious to offer as a gesture of love is a box of sweets which are homemade like Sewaiyan, Shirkurma or Kesar Burfi. Homemade sweets are always offered to really special people in your life. Let your loved ones enjoy the yummy and delicious sweets at their fullest.


Eid Gifts For Family

Attar Gift On This Mubarak Day Of Eid

Eid Gifts For Family

Attar is one of the most important components while you dress up for an EID function. These Eid Al Fitr Mubarak gift ideas are very common and perfect for this occasion. When people wear beautiful dresses for any auspicious occasion, they never forget to put attar on their dresses. These attars are the best and most appropriate gift for any festival like EID.

Eid Gifts For Family


Every Muslim whether a kid or an adult wishes to celebrate this auspicious day with new outfits.  So it is advised that you can gift apparel to the host of the party. There is some cute children apparel available for the kids. They will become very happy while receiving these apparel Eid Mubarak gift. There are a large variety of Eid Mubarak gift outfits available on online stores with great discounts.

Eid  Gift Ideas

Eid  Gift Ideas

Apparels - Ideas For Eid Gift

Eid is the time when people celebrate by wearing new clothes and gifting apparels to their near and dear ones. Right from traditional chikan kurtas or sherwanis for men, and lehengas or shararas for women, to trendy clothes for men and women, you have a variety of apparels that can serve as Eid-ul-Fitr gifts. Since Eid is the festival of peace and celebrations, therefore, you can offer apparels in white color that symbolize peace and harmony.

Jewellery anytime pleases the recipient, whether Hindu or Muslim. But if you add an Islamic touch to the jewellery, it would become a perfect gift for the holy festival of Muslims. Perhaps, the recipient might remember this gift of yours forever.

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Eid  Gift Ideas

Eid  Gift Ideas

A Gold Chain with Allah Pendant

If your wife is religious; this gift would please her a lot. A pendant with ‘Allah’ engraved on it, would always be very close to her heart.

An Engraved Silver Ring- Eid Gift

Tradition states that Muslim men should wear silver rings, as this was once adorned by Prophet Mohammad. You can therefore gift a well-crafted silver ring to your husband as an Eid gift!


An Islamic Wall Art

Though this may sound very common you can tweak this idea, and present them with a wooden version of the same. You can pre-order from any of the online stores or share the design with your local carpenter, who can engrave and frame the same as per your requirement.

A sweet surprise for your husband or wife
Any celebration would be incomplete without sweets, and especially when we are talking about Eid, there are certain  delicious sweets which comes to our mind. Like Sewaiyan, kesar burfi, patisa, and baklava etc. You can gift out a box of any of these sweets.


New clothes for your stylish friends

On Eid, it’s customary to wear new clothes while you visit family and friends. This makes new clothing a natural fit for an Eid Al Fitr present for anyone in your life with a sense of style. It’s a perfect gift to help them celebrate the spirit of the Eid festival, and they’ll also have something great to wear that will remind them of your generosity all year-round.#

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