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{**BEST**} 20+ Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

Eid Gift For Friends: Want to Make your friends smile with a special Eid Gift. We have the BEST Eid Git Ideas for everyone. Here is best collection for Cheap Gifts Ideas you can choose anyone of them and add your custom Eid Wishes text on the Eid Gifts. After customizing and adding your text on you Eid Gift for Friend you can send it to your special friend or family member. Eid  is coming and bringing a deep feeling happiness. It is the time to give heart felt BEST Eid Gifts to your friends and family.

Cheap Eid Gift Ideas:Wishing you a very Happy Eid Wishes 2017 to all readers. Eid ul fitr is the holy month in Islam. Are you Looking for the best Eid Gift Ideas, messages, images for Whatsapp and Facebook? if yes then you come to the right place. In this post, We will publish the 20+ Eid Gifts for Friends which you can use to select Eid Gift for your friend. In some Eid Images given below we have provided link to buy cheap Eid Gifts so, that you will not need to search gifts on internet and you can get them directly from here.

Best Eid Gifts :Gifting Eid Gifts for the sole purpose of wishing Eid al Fitr is not only Sunnah it has also been a kind act in the eye of Allah. The festival of Eid itself is Best Eid gift from the Allah for all the Muslim practitioners who besides all the shortcomings of fasting fulfill their duties and fast throughout the whole month of Ramadan. Gifts for Eid occasions can vary from sweets for children to the dress for young ones. When it comes to gifting sometimes one gets really stuck as there is no specific way of determining what gift will be appropriate for which family member. Well here are few ideas regarding which Eid gift could be chosen for which family member.

 Eid Gift For Friends


If you’re totally confused or feeling lazy to move out of the house and pick some helpful gift for your Muslim friend or relative, you can definitely order gift cards for them online. And this gift would definitely, succeed to please the recipient.

 Think trendy... and consider giving the Islamic alternative
This is especially relevant for kids, tweens and teens. Check out the latest trends and see if you can give them a similar gift that presents an Islamic alternative. For instance, if your eight-year-old daughter is into Bratz dolls, get her a Razanne doll . Make sure though, to explain why Razanne is the better alternative. If you can't get your seven-year-old son away from the PlayStation, get him the Abu Saleh game.


 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

But you don't always have to provide an alternative if the trend is good for the brain and body. An electronic Sudoku puzzle is a great gift for teenagers and adults.

It is very common in some culture to give children money, it’s also known as Eidi. It may not hold true for your culture, but I think presenting teenagers Gift Cards on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr is certainly a good idea.



Get your kids excited for their Salah with these colourful prayer mats by Ibraheem toy house. The prayer mats come in four different colours and styles each with their own unique imagery. The mats are made out of felt and also include extra padding for comfort.

Wooden salah and wudu puzzles

These Unique high quality wooden jigsaws are great to introduce the concept of prayer and wudu in young children (pre-schoolers). These jigsaws are made of high quality wood and can be passed on to younger siblings. These jigsaws will help develop shape-recognition and fine-motor skills, matching skills, as well as memorization, and encourages imaginative play.
 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

First thing might be an Eid card, you can get them in Clinton's from what I remember and we bought some in Morrisons the other day.

Another thing might be a hamper or something like that with a few biscuits, cakes, sweets etc (Just make sure the ingredients don't contain Gelatine).

Traditionally, Eid gifts used to be in the form of money...for children....back in the day when there was pound notes!! Sweets, chocolates and the like are great, just be aware that the ingredients don't include "animal fats" or "gelatine" as Muslims don't consume cow's or pig's fat...infact no animal derivatives unless it's "halal".


Should be okay as long as you steer clear of anything containing jelly (wine gums etc)

A home made Eid Card would be fab too!

Think Hajj

Eid-ul-Fitr is always about two months ahead of the Hajj season. If your gift recipient will be going or is planning on doing so next year, a Hajj-related gift will be timely and appreciated. You can give a DVD or video, books, Hajj gear.


Silver rings and pendants for Muslim men
In Islam calligraphy is often used to decorate things, from buildings to jewelry. The reason for this is that the worship of images, as prohibited in the Bible as well as the Quran, is taken by many so literally that any religious image is suspect.
 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

So, in order to still be able to decorate things, letters are turned into calligraphy. This art form is of course not limited to Islam, but I do think Muslims have perfected the art beyond any other people.

Fatima hand to bring luck

Fatima Pendant

The Hamsa is a Middle Eastern symbol that is thought to ward off evil spirits and bring luck. In a Muslim context it’s Fatima, the most famous of Muhammed’s daughters, whose hand is said to protect and guard the faithful.


For Teenagers
Buying gifts for this particular age group is the most difficult task. Get something which looks gorgeous, make them look gorgeous or is new and in trend; they are all yours as for them, nothing could be better than this. Talking about girls you do have several options but among the top in list you can gift them a gorgeous dress, some make up things, a set of new sandals, an expensive perfume, purse or some jewelry. While many girls would love to have something from the above list, there are few who would love to have a novel or some chocolates. Talking about the boys they don’t have a huge list. A new dress, little money, new laptop, or some other gadget will work for them.
 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

Audible subscriptions are brilliant for those on the move or people who are avid readers that would love to read more but are unable to find the time. With over 200,000 titles they are bound to find something they would love and what’s more – because Audible includes a month’s free trial, you could get a three-month subscription as a gift for under $30! This is also great for younger children or students because it familiarises them with more vocabulary and teaches them critical listening amongst other things.


Eatery Joint: People never get tired by eating either at home or outside. You can prepare a whole meal yourself or you can take the family out for a great dinner. Your favorite non-vegetarian items would be great to gorge on.

 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

In case you are unable to find any other suitable gift then you can offer to clean the home or wash the car or take your sister’s kids for babysitting so that your near and dear ones can benefit out of it. Cleaning the house would be beneficial because the guests are going to come in and therefore cleaning is necessary. Washing the car and sending your parents for a long drive is also lovely an eid gift idea. And let your sister spend some time with herself, pampering herself in parlor.


 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

For Elders
The younger ones are no one to gift anything to their elders, however still you may try some flowers for them. Believe me they’ll love the serene bliss coming through the fragrance of those gorgeous gifts of nature.
 Eid Gift For Friends - Cheap Gifts Ideas

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