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{**EID Gifts**} Best Eid Gift Ideas - Cheap Eid Gifts And Presents

Cheap Eid Gifts and Presents: Having trouble finding the Best Eid gift to send the friend or family member celebrating Eid? The list below contains Best Eid Gift Ideas that we've searched the web to find Cheap Eid Gifts. Whether you're looking for a unique Eid Present to give during Ramadan, a Eid present for a child celebrating fasting for the first time, or a great Eid gift idea to celebrate the holiday, we're sure you'll find the best Eid gift ideas here. If you want to send Best Eid Messages to your friend as Present you also get that in our previous posts.

Best Eid Presents :You can gift friends when you are visiting with Eid gift baskets filled with traditional Eid sweets, dry fruits, chocolates or nuts. Fresh flower bouquets also make nice Cheap Eid gifts for loved ones and will make a home look more warm and inviting for guests especially during Eid. You can add a personal touch by making Eid gift baskets with a friend’s favourite foods or homemade Eid sweets and other baked goods too. You can also write Eid Mubarak Shayris on the flower bouquets to make it more attractive.

Best Eid Gift Ideas: Eid is a great festival for Muslims. It marks the commemoration of Ibrahim’s willingness to follow the command of Allah and sacrifice Ishmael, his son. This event is observed by Muslims all over the world. To greet Eid Mubarak Wishes each other during this festival celebration, Muslims say to each other ‘Eid Mubarak’. One of the best ways of celebrating this festival is exchanging Eid gifts.  For Eid these Eid Gifts are always at the core of the interactions of family members and friends during this festival. Perhaps, you are wondering about the best Eid Present to buy for your loved ones during the upcoming Eid-Ul-Adha. Here are top Best Eid gifts ideas to guide you:

Best Eid Gift Ideas


When it comes to gift-giving, I love to spoil loved ones with special items that I know they'll love but wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. HH's Alhambra Housewares collection is a unique nod to Islamic design and architecture, in an elegantly updated design that will brighten up the homes of friends and loved ones. The beauty and versatility of these pieces make them a perfect gift!

Islamic reads

As Eid marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it would be very thoughtful if you gift out the recipient a book related to Islam, which would reveal the real meaning of Islam and would encourage the recipient to lead a righteous life in the forth coming years.



Best Eid Gift Ideas

Kids love play dough. They can’t get enough of it, as parents you want to make playtime educational as well as fun. These Arabic letter cutters are great, kids can recognise the letters and learn from playing.

Books Are Always A Good Gift Idea
Most children love a good story so purchasing a book for a child as a gift is a great idea. You can find some wonderful books that Muslim children will find enjoyable. They will learn about their faith and also develop their language skills and vocabulary. See also: Muslim detective stories for kids and books explaining Eid for children


Best Eid Gift Ideas

Besides all these, there is this one gift in common which you must use an Eid Mubarak gift for relatives and friends, and that’s your time. Remember every relation in this world is dependent on the love and affection you share and giving time is an invincible part of it.

Apart from all this before signing off, we would just suggest you that before buying an Eid Mubarak gift for any of your friends and relatives, keep these two things in mind:


Best Eid Gift Ideas

Greeting cards where eid Mubarak is written can be sent to all those friends who are away from you. Just walk into any gift shop, and take the eid special card for your loved ones.
Take a cake along with you to enjoy the evening with your near and dear ones. Any gift shops would have a cake for the celebration of eid. And still if you cannot manage the time, just place an online order as the last minute resort.


In all the years I have been gift giving, I find that gifts that have been personalised always go down a treat. One of my husband’s favourite gifts is an engraved wooden keychain that features a message from our son on one side, and a little calendar with the date of his birth marked off on the other.

From mugs, to socks, to notebooks or photo books – there are plenty of options for personalising gifts and when you tailor the gift to the recipient, they know you’ve put in a little more thought and effort into it. You could even have a special quote or photograph printed and framed for them so they have something to fondly look back on.


Cheap Eid Gifts And Presents

365 Days with the Sahabah – I recommended this book as a supplement to the Companion Collection game as well. We love this book. It’s written in first person from the voice of various sahabah, telling their own story. There is a much cheaper Goodword Publishing version available, but I do not recommend it because the storytelling doesn’t even close to compare to the Timas Publishing version. Also, Timas does have a paperback version, but because of it’s size, I recommend the hardback so it stays in good condition for years to come, in sha Allah.

Smart TVs
Cheap Eid Gifts And Presents

Another exciting idea of gift will be a smart TV. This is entertainment as it should be after Eid. Access a world of movies, TV and apps, and enjoy every moment in picture quality that goes beyond Full HD.



On the auspicious day of Ramadan, every Muslim, whether a kid or an adult  wishes to celebrate the day donning new outfits (mostly ethnic). And thus new apparels for your Muslim friend or relatives could be a great idea for Ramadan.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking- “This is Eid’l-Fitr, for crying out loud! How could giving an Eid Gift ever be a bad thing?!” First of all, stop crying out loud – it’s Eid. Why are you crying about Eid, anyway? Man up. Second of all, Muslims are pioneers in the field of stinging criticism, and even something as universally wonderful as Eid Gifts can become a means of making subtle commentary.
Cheap Eid Gifts And Presents

 Ipray salah pad


This salah pad is an ideal gift for children learning to pray (6 years plus) as it teaches everything from the 5
Salah times to the full prayer with Adhan, Iqama, Dua’s and much more. This salah pad comes in two colours, pink and blue and it is a fun, interactive and innovative game to gift little Muslims for Eid.

Anne Klein Perfect Tote

Cheap Eid Gifts And Presents

Friendlier on the budget but equally stylish is the Perfect Tote by Anne Klein. Made of sturdy and leather-like Polyvinyl Chloride, it can be taken out to dinner or to the beach without worry. This will be the bag she always reaches for.
{**EID Gifts**} Best Eid Gift Ideas

Leather Accessories
Another great gift idea is the latest leather accessories. These may include a leather handbag, a leather wallet, a leather card holder, leather slip-ons or even a trendy belt!

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